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Dallas a street by night                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  v Welcome in Pennsylvania !!
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Capital Harrisburg
Population 12 282 000
Density 106 / Km▓
Enter in union 12/12/1787
Rank in union 2
Nickname Keystone State
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Pennsylvania, Closer view of the city of Pittsburg, PA. So much to photograph on top of Washington outlook.
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Pennsylvania, While visiting Pittsburg, PA. I was taken to the top of Washington outlook and the photos kept going. What a spectacular view I had.
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Pennsylvania, Ladies dancing
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Pennsylvania, Keystone State
Pennsylvania, Keystone State
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Pennsylvania, Boat @ philadelphia
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Pennsylvania, On the holding pattern for PHL's runway 27R/09L along with an American Airlines Boeing 727-100, an US Air Douglas DC.9-30 while an US Air Boeing 737-300 is taxying from the terminal.
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Pennsylvania, Presque Isle State Park
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